Bertha of Aragon

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Bertha of Aragon (c. 1075 – bef. 1111) was a Queen consort of Aragon and Navarre. Nothing is known about her childhood or the names of her parents, it is believed that she is Italian since her name was Berta, which is Italian.

She was married to Peter I of Aragon in 1097, shortly after the death of Peter's first wife, Agnes of Aquitaine, with whom he had two children: Peter and Isabella. Bertha and Peter had no children.

Peter and Isabella were both dead by 1104 and King Peter needed an heir. They had no children and Peter died the following year. The crown of Aragon and Navarre passed to Alfonso who was the half brother of Peter.

Bertha got a dower but Alfonso got all of Peter's lands. It is unknown when Bertha died or where she died.

Genealogist Szabolcs de Vajay has speculated that Bertha may have been a daughter of Peter I, Count of Savoy, and another Agnes of Aquitaine, perhaps the Agnes who was the final wife of Peter's father Ramiro I of Aragon and first-cousin of Peter's own first wife.[1]


Bertha of Aragon
Born: circa 1075 Died: before 1111
Royal titles
Preceded by
Agnes of Aquitaine
Queen consort of Aragon
Queen consort of Navarre

Succeeded by
Urraca of León and Castile