Peter I, Count of Savoy

Peter I (c. 1048 – 9 August 1078)[1] was count of Savoy and margrave of Turin jointly with his brother Amadeus II of Savoy from c. 1060 to 1078. He ruled only nominally, as true power was in the hands of his mother, Adelaide of Susa.

Peter I
Count of Savoy and Margrave of Turin
Pietro I di Savoia Denaro Segusino.jpg
Coin bearing the stamped image of Peter I, Count of Savoy
PredecessorOtto of Savoy
SuccessorAmadeus II of Savoy
Bornc. 1048
Noble familyHouse of Savoy
Spouse(s)Agnes of Aquitaine
FatherOtto I, Count of Savoy
MotherAdelaide of Susa

Peter presided over court hearings alongside Adelaide and also issued several donation charters with her and his brothers Amadeus II of Savoy and Otto. Shortly before his death, Peter united with Bishop Cunibert of Turin in an attempt to drive Abbot Benedict II from his abbey of San Michele della Chiusa.[2]

Peter married Agnes of Aquitaine, c.1065.[3] They had two daughters:

  • Agnes (d.after 1110), who married Frederick of Montbéliard in 1080. After marrying Agnes, Frederick became margrave of Turin (r.1080-1091).[4]
  • Alice ( 1111), who may have married Margrave Boniface of Vasto and Saluzzo in 1099


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Peter I, Count of Savoy
Born: c. 1048 Died: 9 August 1078
Preceded by Count of Savoy
c. 1060–1078
With: Amadeus II
Succeeded by
Preceded by Margrave of Turin
c. 1060–1078
With: Adelaide
Succeeded by