Bertel is a Scandinavian male given name. Notable people named Bertel include:

  • Bertel Backman (1906–1981), Finnish speed skater who competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics
  • Bertel Dahlgaard (1887–1972), Danish politician, member of Folketinget for the Social Liberal Party 1920–1960, and statistician
  • Bertel Flaten (1900–1963), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Bertel Haarder (born 1944), Danish politician
  • Bertel Jung (1872–1946), Finnish architect and urban planner
  • Bertel Lauring (1928–2000), Danish film actor
  • Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844), Danish / Icelandic sculptor

See alsoEdit

  • Bertel O. Steen, Norwegian conglomerate with main focus on automotive retailing and import
  • Dick Bertel, born Dick Bertelmann, a radio and TV personality 1950s to 1980s, and an executive producer for the Voice of America