Bernard de Lavinheta

Bernard de Lavinheta (died c. 1530) was a Basque Franciscan from Béarn, known as a teacher of the methods of Raymond Lull.[1]


He studied at Toulouse and taught at Salamanca. Later he came to Paris.[1]


His Explanatio compendiosaque applicatio artis Raymundi Lulli was published in 1523 in Lyon.[2] It combined the theories of Lull with alchemy and an encyclopedic theory.[1] Lavinheta also argues in it that the ars generalis of Lull is a memory technique that goes beyond the method of loci.[3]

A new edition of his works was published in 1612 by Johann Heinrich Alsted, for Lazarus Zetzner.[4]


  • Paolo Rossi, Stephen Clucas (translator) (2006), Logic and the Art of Memory: the quest for a universal language


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