Bensen Aircraft

The Bensen Aircraft Corporation was established by Dr. Igor Bensen at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina in 1952 to develop and market a variety of helicopters and autogyros of Bensen's own design.

Bensen Aircraft
TypePrivate company
Founded1952 (1952)
FounderIgor Bensen
Defunct1987 (1987)
United States


The most successful product was the Bensen B-8 that first flew in 1955 and remained in production until the company closed down in 1987.


Bensen B-8M
Model name First flight Number built Type
Bensen B-5 1953 Rotor kite
Bensen B-6 1953 Rotor kite
Bensen B-7 1955 Rotor kite
Bensen B-8 1955 Autogyro
Bensen B-9 1958 Helicopter
Bensen B-10 1958 1 Experimental VTOL aircraft
Bensen B-11 Autogyro[1]
Bensen B-12 1961 1 Experimental VTOL aircraft
Bensen B-13 1963 [1]
Bensen Mid-Jet 1953 1 Experimental helicopter
Bensen X-25 1968 2 Experimental autogyro

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