Benji is a fictional canine character created by Joe Camp. He has been the focus of several feature films and other media, beginning with the independently produced 1974 film. Benji is a small golden mixed-breed dog with a knack for being in the right place at the right time, usually to help someone overcome a problem. The character has been portrayed by several dogs over the years, including Higgins, the veteran animal actor who originated the role.

Benji (portrayed by Benjean) in 1979
First appearanceBenji (1974)
Last appearanceBenji (2018)
Created byJoe Camp
Portrayed byHiggins, Benjean, Moochie, Fairfield, Sally Sue, Odola
Voiced byChevy Chase (Oh! Heavenly Dog)
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  • Benji's Life Story (1976)
  • The Phenomenon of Benji (1978)

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  • Benji: Space Rescue (1983) for C64

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  • Benji's Film Festival (2001)

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