Coordinates: 59°19′26.90″N 18°6′43.88″E / 59.3241389°N 18.1121889°E / 59.3241389; 18.1121889

Bellmansro was a restaurant north of Oakhill Palace on Djurgården island in Stockholm, which opened as a catering hall in 1828. The restaurant's eventual name reflected its proximity to Johan Niclas Byström's bust of Carl Michael Bellman that was dedicated on July 26, 1829.[1] For much of its history Bellmansro was a tavern, but in the late 19th century it became a restaurant with food service. By the early 1900s the establishment had fallen into disrepute. The building burned to the ground May 13, 1952.[2] An annual festival, held on Bellman Day (July 26), commemorates the inauguration of the Bellman bust.[3]

Bellmansro 2009


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