Bell and Carillon Museum

The Bell and Carillon Museum (French: Musée de la Cloche et du Carillon; Dutch: Klokken- en Beiaardmuseum) was a museum from 1992 to 2013 in Tellin in the Belgian Ardennes.

Clocks and Carillon Museum
Musée de la Cloche et du Carillon
Klokken- en Beiaardmuseum
Tellin JPG02.jpg
the museum in 2005
Bell and Carillon Museum is located in Belgium
Bell and Carillon Museum
Location within Belgium
Coordinates50°4′54.12″N 5°13′10.67″E / 50.0817000°N 5.2196306°E / 50.0817000; 5.2196306Coordinates: 50°4′54.12″N 5°13′10.67″E / 50.0817000°N 5.2196306°E / 50.0817000; 5.2196306
TypeMusical instrument museum
Ownermunicipality of Tellin

The museum was established in a bell foundry that was in service between 1830 and 1970. Beside bells and carillons it showed other objects, like weather-vanes that had been on church towers. There was also a documentary film shown on the process of molding.[1]

The expoitation of the museum cost the municipality 35,000 euro on a yearly base. As a result it was decided on 28 February 2013 to close the museum at the end of the year.[2] The year after the museum was obtained by the artisan and clock renovator Olivier Baudri that based its atelier there,[3] with the goal to reopen the museum in the future.[4]


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