Belarus State Economic University

Belarus State Economic University (Belarusian: Беларускі дзяржаўны эканамічны ўніверсітэт) is a university in Minsk, Belarus. It specializes in Finance and Economics. It was founded in 1933 as Belarusian Institute for National Economy. It was renamed Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) in January 1992. In 1997, the university was officially given the status of a leading educational institution in preparing specialists in the field of economics.[1]

Belarusian State Economic University
Беларускі дзяржаўны эканамічны ўніверсітэт
Rectorassociate professor Vyacheslav Shutsilin


The university currently has 11 faculties, Special Faculty of Psycho-Pedagogical Training and Professional Development, Bobruisk University Branch, Institute for Social and Humanities Education, 65 departments, student scientific research laboratories and other units.


International cooperationEdit

The university has close contacts with such international educational organizations as: USA embassy, International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), British Council, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and others.


According to the "UniPage world university ranking," the Belarus State Economic University is ranked 2228 in the world.

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Criticism, accusations of political repressionsEdit

In late 2005, Tasiana Khoma, a fourth-year A-student of the International Economic Relations Faculty, was expelled from the BSEU after participating in a conference of ESIB, a pan-European student organization, where she was elected member of the organization's leadership.[2] The expulsion caused wide international protest and concerns from Sweden's education minister Leif Pagrotsky. The European University Association has frozen its cooperation with the BSEU following the scandal.[2][3][4]


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