Beira Interior Norte

Beira Interior Norte (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈbɐjɾɐ ĩtɨɾiˈoɾ ˈnɔɾt(ɨ)]) is a former Portuguese subregion (NUTS level 3) in the Centro Region. It was abolished at the January 2015 NUTS 3 revision.[1] It was also part of an urban community (ComUrb) called Beiras. The capital and most important city was Guarda (city population approximately 32,000). Other towns with Portuguese city status (cidade) included: Pinhel (3,500), Sabugal (3,200), Trancoso (3,000) and Mêda (2,004).

Map showing the location of the Beira Interior Norte subregion

The subregion had 9 municipalities and its population was 112,766 (2005 statistics).


The municipalities are:


Coordinates: 40°32′09″N 7°16′15″W / 40.535942°N 7.270848°W / 40.535942; -7.270848