Bedstead Workmen's Association

The Bedstead Workmen's Association was a trade union representing workers making bedframes in the United Kingdom, particularly in the area of Birmingham.

Bedstead Workmen's Association
Headquarters17 Stafford Street, Birmingham
  • United Kingdom
2,500 (1899)

The union was founded following a strike of bedframe workers in Birmingham in 1889. 4,000 workers went on strike, and they succeeded in winning a substantial pay increase. Fearing further industrial action, E. J. Smith of the employers' association agreed with the union to support a closed shop and representation on a joint wages board, in exchange for union members agreeing to only work for members of the employers' association.[1]

This Bedstead Alliance was initially successful, membership of the union growing to 2,500 by 1899. It then began a gradual decline, falling to only 200 in the 1950s.[1] During the 1910s and 1920s, the union was part of the Metal Trades Federation. In 1961, the union was dissolved.[1]

General Secretaries edit

1889: Walter Mills
c.1910: William Palmer
1950: R. Eastwood

References edit

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