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Beauty and the Beast (also known as Blood of Beasts) is a 2005 film which is based on the folktale "Beauty and the Beast" and is set during the time of the Vikings.

Beauty and the Beast
Directed byDavid Lister
Produced byJanet Blandford
Stephen Margolis
Written byPaul Anthony
StarringJane March
William Gregory Lee
Justin Whalin
David Dukas
Greg Melvill-Smith
Candicé Hillebrand
Marcel Van Heerden
Russel Savadier
Steven van Niekerk
Lee Ann Shepherd
Ron Smerczak
Aubrey Lovett
Etienne Oelofse
Etienne Changuion
Antony Jardin
Music byMark Thomas
CinematographyBuster Reynolds
Edited byPeter Davies
Release date
  • October 18, 2005 (2005-10-18)
Running time
90 minutes
CountrySouth Africa


Thorsson (Greg Melvill-Smith) the king is falling ill and wants to make a pilgrimage to an island cursed by Odin. The island is home to a horrible beast. His daughter Freya (Jane March) is betrothed to Sven (William Gregory Lee) one of Thorsson's greatest warriors.

Freya tries to get an army together to go back and save her father (whom she believes to be alive). However, no one will join her and Sven reminds her that he is now king and that she is betrothed to him. Freya and Ingrid go to the island alone to rescue her father.

Eric (Justin Whalin) steps forward and tells everyone they've all been acting like cowards. He also says he'll go and save the king's daughter himself if Sven does not dare. Sven, not wanting to look like a coward, angrily agrees to send an army back to fight the beast and rescue Freya.

Freya and the Beast begin to develop a friendship. Sven returns to the island with an army and confronts the Beast. Freya tries to stop them, by telling them the beast is not a monster. Sven does not listen to her, thinking the Beast has fooled her mind. Sven and the Beast fight and ends with Sven's archers shooting him. The warriors set the island afire and return home with Freya.

The Beast journeys to Freya's home where Thorsson has recovered from his illness and is once again king. As the Beast holds the dying Freya in his arms, Freya's sacrifice breaks the curse and the Beast is Agnar once again.



The movie was filmed in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.


Beauty and the Beast (Blood of Beasts) has received negative reviews. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes currently holds it at 24% with an average rating of 2.4/5.[1]


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