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Beauty (Once Upon a Time)

"Beauty" is the fourth episode of the seventh season and the 137th episode overall of the American fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Written by Dana Horgan & Leah Fong and directed by Mark Garris, it premiered on ABC in the United States on October 27, 2017.

Once Upon a Time episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 4
Directed by Mark Garris
Written by Dana Horgan
Leah Fong
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"The Garden of Forking Paths"
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Once Upon a Time (season 7)
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In the episode, Rumpelstiltskin’s life with Belle is explored and the consequences that awaits the couple, while in the Present, Weaver must deal with a suddenly unstable Tilly, when Victoria demands that she be brought back under his control, and Ivy takes Lucy out for a Halloween trick-or-treat that goes awry.



Opening sequenceEdit

Halloween-themed decor is featured in the background.

In the characters' pastEdit

It has been a year after the Final Battle, as Gold and Belle enjoy life as a family with their son Gideon. On Gideon's first birthday, Gold tells Belle that he has acquired a family travel book so they can document their adventures. The family spends years travelling the realms, as age begins to catch up to Belle. Rumple has now grown tired of being The Dark One and wants to rid himself of the cursed immortality and darkness once and for all. He takes the dagger and throws it into a river, only for it to instantly return to him. He vows to find a way to dispose of it. As the years continue to go by, Gideon leaves for college while Rumpelstiltskin and Belle continue to look for a way to get rid of the dagger. Belle finds a solution which says they must travel to the Edge of Realms and wait for sunset after an eternal day, which will finally allow them to get rid of the dagger and the darkness forever.

As Rumple and Belle arrived to the Edge of Realms, they realise that as the day is eternal then the sun may never set. Belle suggests that the two settle down and enjoy their life in this location. The two decided to build a nice home for the family, where they live for many years happily together. One day, as she checks the drapes, Belle collapses on the floor and is left close to death. A distraught Rumple suggests that he uses his powers to revive her, only to discover that Belle had known he couldn't dispose of the dagger here, because she wanted to live a simple life and help Rumple believe that their love will supersede death. In her final moments, she asks that Rumple let her go but tells him that once he is rid of the dagger that he’ll return to her. With that, Belle passes away peacefully leaving Rumple heartbroken.

At Belle’s grave, Gideon offers to take the dagger and use it to transfer the darkness into himself so that Rumple can join his wife in death. Rumple refuses, not wanting another one of his sons to be lost because of his darkness. He also reveals that he already has someone else ready to hand the dagger over to, revealing this to be a mysterious Guardian.

Sometime later Rumple ends up in the New Enchanted Forest and meets Alice.

In SeattleEdit

It’s Halloween in Hyperion Heights, where Weaver is having a brief but awkward conversation with Tilly, who is wearing a rabbit mask. Later on in Victoria’s limousine, Tilly surprises Victoria and tells her that she knows about who she is before Victoria used pepper spray on Tilly and end up taking Tilly’s backpack. Victoria then talks to Weaver about Tilly’s actions, and insists that Tilly takes her pills, as it keeps her from remembering that she is actually Alice. Victoria wants Weaver to do this or he’ll pay dearly. The situation with Tilly spills over into the disagreements between Rogers and Weaver to the point of telling Rogers that he doesn’t care about anyone. Hours later Weaver finds Tilly to ask her why she stopped taking the pills. Tilly believes that (everyone in Hyperion Heights) are all pieces of the same puzzle, but they’re all wearing masks. Weaver asked Tilly to elaborate further but she’d rather show him.

The two then head at the train tracks for the answer, and while en route Weaver handed Tilly a sandwich that was laced with the pill’s ingredients. Suddenly Tilly begins complaining about the pills making her small and in a White Rabbit-eqse fashion bails out of the vehicle. When Weaver catches up to Tilly, she insists that she is this close to revealing the answer and pulls out a chipped teacup in front of Weaver, claiming that he’s actually Rumpelstiltskin, and even though this triggers a flashback, Weaver doesn’t seem to remember his past. Tilly then takes Weaver’s gun and shoots him in order to prove that he that is immortal. Hours later at a hospital, Weaver is in a comatose state, where he sees a vision of Belle before regaining consciousness. Weaver tells Rogers that it was a robber who shot him and orders Tilly to go for now. Afterwards, Rogers and Tilly get together to play a game of chess.

In between the situation, Lucy is getting ready for trick or treating, but Jacinda’s costume gift is immediately taken out as trash by Ivy, who has been tasked with taking her step-niece around the neighborhood to get candy. However Ivy’s distraction with her phone just gave Lucy the opportunity to give Ivy the slip. Around the same time, Roni consoles Henry after trying to get used to having lost his family, but suggested that he move on and try to pursue Jacinda as a possibility. Henry then visits Jacinda at her workplace but the conversation is cut short when they learn that Ivy lost Lucy, and since Jacinda can’t leave her job, Henry volunteers to find Lucy. Later that night, Henry catches up with Ivy, and as they search for Lucy, Ivy tells Henry about how she feels about her mother, saying that she feels alone and always on the wrong side of things. Henry then figured out where to find Lucy and Ivy finds her. The three then returned to Mr. Clucks, but Ivy insists that Jacinda take Lucy trick or treating and go with Henry.

Afterwards, Victoria confronts Weaver with blackmail if he doesn’t keep Tilly on her medication, but Weaver isn’t having any of this. During the confrontation he refers to Victoria as 'dearie', implying he has got his memories back. Meanwhile, at Roni’s, Henry and Ivy decide to share a few drinks together.


As with “A Pirate’s Life,” both Carlyle and de Ravin knew about the outcome of their characters before production began on the episode. This was also the third episode in the series run to reveal an LGBT character, this time being Alice/Tilly.[1]

de Ravin's final performance as Belle received critical acclaim


  • While this episode marked de Ravin’s last episode, it leaves the door open for her to return at any time by the producers in the future.[2]
  • It also marked the return of recurring guest star Giles Matthey and guest star Anton Starkman in guest roles.
  • The episode also used footage from previous episodes, featuring Sage Brocklebank, Eric Keenleyside, Raphael Sbarge and Chris Shields in uncredited roles.



The episode received critical acclaim with critics praising Horgan and Fong's writing, Garris' directing, production value, cinematography, and the performances of Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin.

Paul Dailly of TV Fanatic gave it a 4.2 out of 5 stars: “‘Beauty’ was the best episode of Once Upon a Time in quite some time. It was nice to catch up with Belle once again, but at the same time, it sucked to see her die in favor of continuing Rumple's storyline.”[3]

Entertainment Weekly's Justin Kirkland gave it an A: “So, I’m going to say something major: This episode, in this seventh season that many of us have admittedly been extremely skeptical about, gave us a true Once Upon a Time moment. And man, was it painfully worth it. Let’s reflect. Let’s cry a little, maybe.”[4]

Nick Hogan of TVOvermind gave the episode a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating, stating “I’ve been skeptical at best during this new season, and long seasons can feel like a slog sometimes, but “Beauty” was an exercise in catharsis and told a story that almost every fan, both new and old, wanted to know. I haven’t had an emotional experience like this watching Once Upon A Time in several years, and I have nothing but kudos for this effort.”[5]


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