Beau Parry is an American inventor, known for his contributions in the field of biometric encryption and liveness detection.[1] He is also the founder of BRIVAS, a biometric technology company that offers biometric encryption services for consumers, enterprises, and government.[2] In 2012, Parry founded BRIVAS in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2015 he received a U.S. patent for biometric encryption to stop digital identity fraud.[3] Parry achieved a granted patent that claims cloud based biometric liveness detection[4] wherein the verification enables access to data stored in a blockchain.[5] Parry also holds a patent that protects deterministic bio-signature keybinding that utilizes one or more biometrics along with contextual data from GPS or other sensors.[6] Parry delivered a talk "Seeing is Believing" in a TEDx event in October 2018.[7] Parry was educated at Cincinnati Country Day School[8] and later attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he studied Economics and played linebacker under Coach Mack Brown.[9][10]

Beau Parry

In December 2023, BRIVAS partnered with Dan Leckrone[11] (formerly The TPL Group) to create BRIVAS II, LLC,[12] a biometric patent portfolio for commercialization.

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