Beat, beats or beating may refer to:

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  • Patrol, or beat, a group of personnel assigned to monitor a specific area
  • Battery (crime), a criminal offense involving unlawful physical contact
  • Assault, inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact
  • Corporal punishment, punishment intended to cause physical pain
  • Strike (attack), repeatedly and violently striking a person or object
  • Victory, success achieved in personal combat, military operations or in any competition


  • Beat (name), a German male given name
  • Jackie Beat, drag persona of Kent Fuher (born 1963)
  • Aone Beats (born 1984) Nigerian record producer
  • Billy Beats (1871-1936) British footballer
  • Cohen Beats (Michael Cohen, born 1986), Israeli record producer
  • Eno Beats (Enock Kisakye, born 1991), Ugandan record producer
  • Laxio Beats (Bernard Antwi-Darko, born 1987), Ghanaian record producer
  • Mizz Beats (Iman Yanee, fl. from 2004), British record producer
  • Rico Beats (Ricardo Lamarre, fl. from 2004), American record producer

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