The Battle of Turnberry was fought in February 1307 during the Scottish Wars of Independence near Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Battle of Turnberry
Part of First War of Scottish Independence
DateFebruary 1307
near Turnberry, Scotland
55°19′N 4°50′W / 55.32°N 4.83°W / 55.32; -4.83
Result Scottish Victory
 Kingdom of Scotland  Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
King Robert I
Prince Edward
James Douglas
Baron Percy
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
Low Heavy

King Robert I of Scotland's invasion of his ancestral lands in Annandale and Carrick began in 1307. The Carrick invasion force was led by Robert, his brother Edward de Brus, James Douglas, Lord of Douglas and Robert Boyd. The force comprised thirty three galleys. They sailed to Turnberry and landed near Turnberry Castle. The invasion force quickly overwhelmed the English forces of Henry de Percy, 1st Baron Percy encamped around Turnberry Castle, but failed to take the castle.

Henry de Percy was forced to leave the castle after this defeat.

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