Battle of Toulouse (439)

The Battle of Toulouse was fought between the Visigoths and the Western Roman Empire in 439. Having previously defeated the Visigoths at Narbonne, the Roman general Litorius led his largely Hunnic army against Toulouse, the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom. During the siege, the Visigothic king Theodoric I attacked the Roman camp and inflicted heavy casualties. Litorius was captured and executed. Since the Visigoths also suffered heavy losses, Theodoric made peace with the Roman governor Avitus.

Battle of Toulouse
Tolosa, Gallia Narbonensis I (modern Toulouse, France)
43°36′16″N 1°26′38″E / 43.6045°N 1.444°E / 43.6045; 1.444Coordinates: 43°36′16″N 1°26′38″E / 43.6045°N 1.444°E / 43.6045; 1.444
Result Visigothic victory
Visigoths Labarum.svg Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Theodoric I Litorius 
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

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