Battle of Sig

The Battle of Sig took place from the 26th to 27th of June 1835 in the forest of Moulay Ismael near Wadi Sig. French forces, assisted by the Douair and Smela tribes opposed Algerian resistors led by Emir Abdelkader.

Battle of Sig
Part of French Conquest of Algeria
Date26-27 june 1835
Result Algerian Victory
France France Dz flag-Abdelkader.png Emirate of Abdelkader
Commanders and leaders
Camille Alphonse Trézel Emir Abdelkader
at least 2500 [1](armed) 8,000 cavaliers,4 000 infantrymen[1]
Casualties and losses
52 died , 189 wounded[1] Unknown but low

The battle June 26Edit

The fighting lasted two days. Eventually, unable to resist the Algerian assaults, the men of General Camille Alphonse Trézel retreated. A further withdrawal was also initiated at Arzew, but Trézel's forces were swiftly overtaken. The Algerian cavalry which were faster, more mobile and above all more numerous, blocked the French at the Macta. While the Foreign Legion succeeded in containing their attackers and repelling them, the Algerians continued their attacks.

The ambush June 27Edit

The next day, on June 27th, the Algerian forces ambushed the French at the Macta marshes, formed by the confluence of the Sig and the Habra, between the river and the forest. The heavy wagons of the convoy were destroyed and the wounded from the previous night's battle slaughtered, while the troops of the escort were annihilated. The Foreign Legion again stepped in, freeing the way toward Arzew, but the attack by the Algerian horsemen cost the French forces, with 52 men killed and 189 wounded.

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