Battle of Sabana Larga

The Battle of Sabana Larga was a major battle during the years after the Dominican War of Independence. It was fought on 24 January 1856 in Sabana Larga, Dajabón. A force of 8,000 Dominican troops of the northern army, led by General Juan Luis Franco Bidó, defeated a numerically larger force of 22,000 troops of the Haitian army under Emperor Faustin I.[2] Another part of the Haitian army was entrenched in Jácuba near Puerto Plata, but were defeated by Florentino and General Peter Lucas Peña.

Battle of Sabana Larga
Part of the Dominican War of Independence

Dajabón Province
Date24 January 1856
Sabana Larga, near Dajabón
Result Dominican victory
Dominican Republic Empire of Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Juan Luis Franco Bidó
Gaspar Polanco
Pedro Florentino
Lucas Peña
Faustin I of Haiti
Gen. Cayemite
Gen. Prophete
6,500–8,000[1][2] 8,000–22,000[1][2]
Casualties and losses
236 killed[1] 1,000+ killed[1]
Hundreds of prisoners[1]
2 artillery pieces captured[1]

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