The Battle of Ronco took place during the Neapolitan War on 21 April 1815 in the village of Ronco, just south of Forlì. The main Neapolitan army, retreating following the disaster at the Battle of Occhiobello, was being pursued by an Austrian corps under the command of Adam Albert von Neipperg. The Neapolitans, commanded by their king, Joachim Murat, turned to check the Austrians at the Ronco River. The Neapolitans rear guard was defeated by a smaller advanced Austrian force, compelling Murat to retreat further south to the Savio River. The Austrians suffered light casualties, whereas nearly 1,000 Neapolitans were killed or wounded and more deserted Murat altogether.

Battle of Ronco
Part of the Neapolitan War
Date21 April 1815
Ronco, present-day Italy
44°12′12.58″N 12°5′12.20″E / 44.2034944°N 12.0867222°E / 44.2034944; 12.0867222
Result Austrian victory
 Austrian Empire  Kingdom of Naples
Commanders and leaders
Austrian Empire Adam Albert von Neipperg Kingdom of Naples Joachim Murat
3,000[1] 8,000[1]
Casualties and losses
150 killed or wounded 1,000 killed or wounded
Battle of Ronco is located in Europe
Battle of Ronco
Location within Europe


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