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Battle of Reichenberg

The Battle of Reichenberg was a battle of the Third Silesian War (part of the Seven Years' War), fought on 21 April 1757 near the town of Reichenberg (Czech: Liberec) in Bohemia.

Battle of Reichenberg
Part of the Third Silesian War (Seven Years' War)
Date21 April 1757
Result Prussian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia Holy Roman Empire Austria
Commanders and leaders
Marshal von Bevern Count Königsegg
16,000 10,500
Casualties and losses
? men ? men

Marshal von Bevern had entered Bohemia with a corps of 16,000 Prussians. At Reichenberg he encountered Königsegg's Austrian corps. The full Austrian corps consisted of 18,000 infantry and 4,900 cavalry, but only about 10,000 of them had been concentrated at Reichenberg.

The experienced Bevern defeated his opponent. As a result, Bevern captured large quantities of Austrian supplies and could continue his march on Prague.


Coordinates: 50°46′01″N 15°03′22″E / 50.7670°N 15.0561°E / 50.7670; 15.0561