Battle of Qichun

The Battle of Qichun took place in June 223 between the state of Cao Wei and the kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

Battle of Qichun
Part of the wars of the Three Kingdoms period
DateJune 223
Qichun, northern bay of the Yangtze River, southwest of Chaohu Lake.
Result Wu victory
Cao Wei Kingdom of Wu
Commanders and leaders
Jin Zong He Qi

After the Battle of Dongkou, a Wu general Jin Zong (晋宗) defected to Wei and moved north of the Yangtze River to the new Wei outpost at Qichun. In response, Sun Quan sent He Qi to supervise Mi Fang (麋芳), Xianyu Dan (鮮于丹), Liu Shao (劉邵) and Hu Zong[1][2] to attack Qichun by advancing up the river. However, the weather was extremely hot and most of the Wu forces began to withdraw. Jin Zong, in response, let down his guard. This allowed He Qi to penetrate the Wei army and capture the rebel. Thus, the rebellion was quashed. This occurred at the southern slopes of the Dabie Shan.[3]


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