Battle of Pozo Almonte

The Battle of Pozo Almonte was an engagement fought during the Chilean Civil War of 1891 between Balmacedist and Congressional forces on 6 March 1891. The Congressional victory eventually led the junta gaining control of all of northern Chile.

Battle of Pozo Almonte
Part of the Chilean Civil War of 1891
Muerte Eulogio Robles.jpg
Assassination of Eulogio Robles by congressional troops after the battle (vintage engraving).
Date6 March 1891
Result Congressionist victory
Chile Balmaceda Government Chile Congressionist Junta
Commanders and leaders
Chile Eulogio Robles Pinochet  Chile Estanislao del Canto
1,200[1] 1,700[1]
Casualties and losses
400 76


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