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The Battle of Porto Novo was fought on 1 July 1781 between forces of the Kingdom of Mysore and British East India Company in the place called Porto Novo (now known as Parangipettai) on the Indian subcontinent, during the Second Anglo-Mysore War. The British force, numbering more than 8,000 under the command of Sir Eyre Coote defeated a force estimated at 40,000 under the command of Hyder Ali.

Battle of Porto Novo
Part of the Second Anglo-Mysore War
Battle of Porto Novo.jpg
Map of the battle
Date1 July 1781
Result Company victory
British East India Company Sultanate of Mysore
Commanders and leaders
Eyre Coote[1] Hyder Ali


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Coordinates: 11°29′N 79°46′E / 11.483°N 79.767°E / 11.483; 79.767