Battle of Podujevo

Battle of Podujevo
Part of the Kosovo War
Date23–27 December 1998
Podujevo, Kosovo, Yugoslavia
Result Yugoslav victory[2]
 Yugoslavia[1] Emblema e UÇK-së.svg Kosovo Liberation Army
Commanders and leaders
Serbia and Montenegro Sreten Lukić Unknown
Units involved
Специјална Антитерористичка Јединица.png Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Unknown
Serbia and Montenegro 250 policemen
Serbia and Montenegro 13 armored vehicles[3]
Emblema e UÇK-së.svg 25 militants[3]
Casualties and losses
1 killed
6 wounded[4]
10 killed[5]

The Battle of Podujevo (Albanian: Beteja e Tabeve te Llapashticës) (Serbian: Битка код Подујева, Bitka kod Podujeva) was fought in the Kosovo War between the Yugoslav Special Anti-Terrorist Unit and KLA insurgents in the village of Llapashtica e Epërme in the municipality of Podujevo. These events started after the death of a policeman who was killed by KLA militants in the area.[6]


The battle occurred between 23–27 December 1998.[6] According to international monitors who contributed to Operation Eagle Eye, this battle shattered a ceasefire called on by foreign forces.[6] At the conclusion of the fighting, the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission monitored a convoy of Yugoslav Army vehicles.[3]


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