Battle of Placilla

The Battle of Placilla was an engagement fought during the Chilean Civil War of 1891 between Balmacedist and Congressional forces on 28 August 1891. The Congressist victory in the battle essentially decided the fate of the war. Congressist troops entered Santiago on 30 August. President José Manuel Balmaceda committed suicide inside the Argentine embassy in Santiago on 19 September.[1]

Battle of Placilla
Part of the 1891 Chilean Civil War
Generales muertos de Balmaceda.JPG
Two pro-Balmaceda generals, killed in the last battle near Valparaíso.
Date28 August 1891
Result Congressionist victory
Chile Balmaceda Government Chile Congressionist Junta
Commanders and leaders
Chile Orozimbo Barbosa  Chile Estanislao del Canto
9,500 11,000
Casualties and losses
1,115 dead
2,500 wounded
2,070 dead and wounded



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