Battle of Nola (215 BC)

Second Battle of Nola
Part of the Second Punic War
Campania bellum Hannibalicum 215 aC.png
Map of the 215 BC campaign in Campania.
DateAugust 215 BC
Nola, present-day Italy
40°55′34″N 14°31′39″E / 40.9261°N 14.5275°E / 40.9261; 14.5275
Result Stalemate
Carthage standard.svg Carthage SPQR sign.png Roman Republic
Commanders and leaders
Carthage standard.svg Hannibal
Carthage standard.svg Hanno
Marcus Claudius Marcellus
Casualties and losses
• 5,000
• 600 prisoners
• 2 elephants captured
• 18 regalia
• less than 1,000

The Second Battle of Nola was fought in 215 BC between Hannibal's army and a Roman force under Marcus Claudius Marcellus. It was Hannibal's second attempt to seize Nola after a failure the year before. He was again repelled and would make one more, also unsuccessful attempt the next year. For the Romans, it was a crucial success against Hannibal's army and give them hope that they could win the war.

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