Battle of Messkirch

The Battle of Meßkirch was fought on 4 May 1800 and 5 May 1800 and resulted the victory of French army against the Austrians.[1]

Battle of Messkirch (1800)
Part of War of the Second Coalition
Votivbild Schlacht bei Meßkirch mit Rahmen.jpg
Battle of Meßkirch
Date4 May 1800 and 5 May 1800
Meßkirch, present-day Germany
47°59′34″N 9°6′45″E / 47.99278°N 9.11250°E / 47.99278; 9.11250
Result French victory
France France Holy Roman Empire Austria
Commanders and leaders
Jean Victor Marie Moreau
Laurent de Gouvion Saint-Cyr
Archduke Charles"
The color black indicates the current battle.


See the Messkirch 1800 Order of Battle for details of the French and Austrian armies in the campaign.

On 25 April 1800 the French Armée d'Allemagne, under Jean Victor Marie Moreau, crossed the Rhine River at Kehl and Schaffhausen. The 1st Demi-Brigade, of the Corps led by Laurent de Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, conquered St. Georgen and entered the Black Forest at Freiburg im Breisgau. After conquering Stuhlingen, 25 km south of Donaueschingen, the unit took part in the Battle of Stockach and Engen on 3 May 1800, after which the Austrian retreated to Meßkirch where they enjoyed a more favourable defensive position.

The French repeatedly assaulted the town on 4 May 1800 and 5 May 1800, both attempts being in vain. The 1st Demi-Brigade, despite the Austrian superiority there, was able to conquer Krumbach and the heights surrounding it, which commanded Meßkirch. Therefore, the Austrian moved back to Sigmaringen, followed by the French. The Battle of Biberach ensued on 9 May 1800.

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  1. ^ The battle is referred to in some sources as the Battle of Moeskirch and as the Battle of Möskirch.


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