Battle of Medininkai

The Battle of Medininkai took place on 27 July 1320 between the Teutonic Order and the Samogitian army near Medininkai (now Varniai).

Battle of Medininkai
Part of the Lithuanian Crusade
Date27 July 1320
Near Medininkai (now Varniai)
Result Samogitian victory
Grand Duchy of Lithuania Teutonic Knights
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Heinrich von Plötzke 
Unknown 40 knights
Casualties and losses
Unknown 29 knights and about 200 soldiers killed,[1] vogt of Sambia Gerhard Rude taken as captive


The Teutonic army, which consisted of 40 knights, crew of the Klaipėda Castle, and Sambians, was commanded by Marshal Heinrich von Plötzke. When the Teutonic army attacked Medininkai land, part of the crusaders spread out to loot. The Samogitians suddenly attacked their main forces. Von Plötzke, 29 knights, and many soldiers were killed, while Gerhard Rude, vogt of Sambia, was taken captive.

The battle stopped the Teutonic attacks on Medininkai land until Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas concluded a truce with the Teutonic Order (1324–1328).[2]


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Coordinates: 55°44′N 22°22′E / 55.74°N 22.37°E / 55.74; 22.37