Battle of Kharda

The Battle of Kharda took place in 1795 between Nizam and Maratha Confederacy, in which Nizam was badly defeated.[4] Governor General John Shore followed the policy of non-intervention despite that Nizam was under his protection. So this led to the loss of trust with the British. This was the last battle fought together by all the Maratha chiefs under leadership of Bakshibahaddar Jivabadada Kerkar. Maratha forces consisted of cavalry, including gunners, bowmen, artillery and infantry.[5]

Battle of Kharda
Date11 March 1795
Result Maratha victory; the Nizam ceded territory and paid an indemnity of Rupees 3 crores to Marathas.[1]
 Maratha Confederacy Nizam of Hyderabad
Commanders and leaders
Sawai Madhavrao
Daulat Rao Shinde
Jivabadada Kerkar
Tukojirao Holkar
Raghoji II Bhonsle
Govind Rao Gaikwad
Mir Nizam Ali Khan, Asaf Jah II
Aristu Jah
100,000-200,000[2] 130,000[3]

After several skirmishes Nizams infantry under Raymond launched an attack on the Marathas but Scindia forces under Jivabadada Kerkar defeated them and launched a counter attack which proved to be decisive. The rest of the Hyderabad army fled to the fort of Kharda. The Nizam started negotiations and they were concluded in April 1795.[6]


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