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The Battle of Gura was fought on March 8–9, 1876 between the Ethiopian Empire and the Khedivate of Egypt near the town of Gura in Eritrea. It was the decisive battle of the Ethiopian–Egyptian War. The Egyptians invaded from their coastal possessions in what is now Eritrea. The armies of Yohannes and Isma'il met at Gundet on the morning of 16 November 1875. There was a crushing rout of the vastly-outnumbered but well equipped invading Egyptian force at the hands of the defending Ethiopian force. News of this huge defeat was suppressed in Egypt for fear that it would undermine the government of the Khedivate. After the defeat at Gundet, the Egyptians sent another, much larger force, which was armed to the teeth to invade from the north. They built a fort there but were again defeated at the Battle of Gura in March 1876.

Battle of Gura
Part of Ethiopian–Egyptian War
DateMarch 8–9, 1876
Result Ethiopian victory
 Egypt  Ethiopia
Commanders and leaders
Egypt Isma'il Pasha
United States Civil War veterans
European mercenaries
Prince Hassan
Ethiopian Empire Yohannes IV
Ethiopian Empire Alula Engida
20,000[1] 30,000
Casualties and losses
? ?

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