The Battle of El Memiso (Spanish: Batalla del Memiso) was the third major battle of the Dominican War of Independence and was fought on the 13 April 1844, at El Memiso, Azua Province. A force of Dominican troops, a portion of the Army of the South, led by General Antonio Duvergé, defeated an outnumbering force of the Haitian Army led by Col. Pierre Paul.[1]

Battle of El Memiso
Part of the Dominican War of Independence
Battle of El Memiso is located in the Dominican Republic
El Memiso
El Memiso
Battle of El Memiso (the Dominican Republic)
Date13 April 1844
Result Dominican victory
Dominican Republic  Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Antonio Duvergé
Gen. Felipe Alfau
Haiti Col. Pierre Paul
Haiti Col. Auguste Brouard




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