Battle of Cutanda
Part of Battles of the Reconquista

Date17 June 1120
Result Aragon and Navarre victory
Calatayud and Daroca captured by Christians
Almoravids Flag of Catalonia Kingdom of Aragon
Kingdom of Navarre
Commanders and leaders
Ibrahim ibn Yusuf  Alfonso the Battler

The Battle of Cutanda or Batalla de Cutanda was a battle in June of the year 1120 between the forces of Alfonso I the Battler and an army led by Almoravid general Ibrahim ibn Yusuf occurring in a place called Cutanda, near Calamocha (Teruel), in which the Almoravid army was defeated by the combined forces, mainly of Aragon and Navarre.

Alfonso I was aided by William IX, Duke of Aquitaine who dispatched French troops to aid the Christian forces in the battle. The Almoravid Emir, Ali ibn Yusuf sent his general Ibrahim ibn Yusuf to intercept the Christian forces near Calamocha. The Muslim and Christian armies met at a place known as Cutanda where the battle ensued. The Almoravid army was destroyed and their general, Ibrahim, killed. After this battle the Aragonese captured the fortified towns of Calatayud and Daroca.

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