Battle of Colorno

The Battle of Colorno consisted of two battles, fought between 25 May and 5 June 1734, between Franco-Sardinian and Austrian (Habsburg) troops as part of the War of Polish Succession.

Battle of Colorno
Part of the War of the Polish Succession
Date25 May - 5 June 1734
Location44°56′N 10°23′E / 44.933°N 10.383°E / 44.933; 10.383Coordinates: 44°56′N 10°23′E / 44.933°N 10.383°E / 44.933; 10.383
Result Franco-Sardinian victory
Flag of Austria.svg Archduchy of Austria
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Sardinia Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia
Kingdom of France François-Marie, 1st duc de Broglie
Kingdom of France François de Franquetot de Coigny
Kingdom of France Noël Jourda de Vaux
Flag of Austria.svg Florimund Mercy
Flag of Austria.svg Frederick of Württemberg
Flag of Austria.svg Léopold-Marc de Ligniville [it]  
65,000 men 60,000 men
Casualties and losses
1,600 killed and wounded 1,300 killed and wounded

Begun on 25 May 1734, the Imperial Austro-German armies conquered and occupied Colorno and its palace during the decisive attack of 1 June.
During the second battle of 4-5 June the Franco-Piedmontese drove them out of Colorno again, forcing them to withdraw.

These events were part of the Polish War of Succession and were the prelude of the larger Battle of San Pietro, which took place in the Valera Campaign, outside the walls of Parma, on 29 June 1734.