Battle of Baddowal

The Battle of Baddowal was an attack in 1846 by troops of the Sikh Empire on a contingent of the British East India Company near Ludhiana in the present-day state of Punjab, India.

Battle of Baddowal
Part of the First Anglo-Sikh War
Result Sikh Victory[1]
Sikh Empire flag.jpg Sikh Empire Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg East India Company
Commanders and leaders
Ranjodh Singh Majithia
Akali Hanuman Singh
Harry Smith

The BattleEdit

After the Sikh army was defeated in the Battle of Mudki and the Battle of Ferozeshah, the British army, led by Sir Harry Smith, marched to relieve Ludhiana. The rear of his Anglo-Indian column was attacked near Baddowal by Sikh troops under Ranjodh Singh. The British army lost baggage and stores. However a week later they defeated the Sikhs at the Battle of Aliwal[1]


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