The Battle of Azua (Spanish: Batalla de Azua) was the first major battle of the Dominican War of Independence and was fought on the 19 March 1844, at Azua de Compostela, Azua Province. A force of some 2,200 Dominican troops, a portion of the Army of the South, led by General Pedro Santana and General Antonio Duvergé defeated an outnumbering force of 10,000 troops of the Haitian Army led by General Souffrand.[2]

Battle of March 19
Part of the Dominican War of Independence
Date19 March 1844
Result Dominican victory
Dominican Republic Haiti Haiti
Commanders and leaders
Gen. Pedro Santana
Gen. Antonio Duvergé
Haiti Gen. Charles Rivière-Hérard
Haiti Gen. Souffrand
2,200 regulars
2 artillery pieces
10,000 regulars
Casualties and losses
2 killed, 3 wounded[1] 1,000 killed[1]


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