Battle of Argentovaria

Coordinates: 48°04′54″N 7°21′20″E / 48.081667°N 7.355556°E / 48.081667; 7.355556

The Battle of Argentovaria or Battle of Argentaria was fought in May 378 between the Western Roman Empire and the invading army of the Lentienses, a branch of the Alemanni, at Argentovaria (near Colmar, France). The Alemanni were overwhelmed by the Roman legionaries, though stood their ground bravely. Only 9,000 escaped from the field and Priarius, king of the Lentienses, was slain during the battle. The Lentienses disappear from the historical record following this defeat.

Battle of Argentovaria
Part of Roman-Alamanni conflict
DateMay 378 CE
Argentovaria, near Colmar,
modern  France
Result Western Roman victory
Western Roman Empire Lentienses
Commanders and leaders
Unknown 40,000[1][unreliable source?]
Casualties and losses
Unknown 31,000 dead[1][unreliable source?]

Emperor Gratian, who had given the command of the army for the battle to Nannienus and Mallobaudes, gained the title of Alemannicus Maximus.


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