Battle of Aberdeen (1646)

The Battle of Aberdeen was fought on 14 May 1646 during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. George, Marquis of Huntly the commander of a Royalist army, defeated a force of Covenanters under the command of Hugh, Lord Montgomerie.

Battle of Aberdeen
Part of the Scottish Civil War
Date14 May 1646
LocationCoordinates: 57°09′N 2°07′W / 57.15°N 2.11°W / 57.15; -2.11
Result Royalist Victory
Royalists Scottish Covenanter Flag.svg Covenanters
Commanders and leaders
Marquis of Huntly Lord Montgomerie
1,500 foot
500 horse
700 foot
240 horse
Casualties and losses
300 captured
Aberdeen is located in Scotland


In 1646 Montgomerie was engaged in the northern campaign under John Middleton and on 27 April entered Aberdeen with about 240 horse (cavalry) in four troops.[1][2] In addition to his horse he had under his command 700 foot in two regiments, and he was entrusted with the duty of holding the city.[1][3] Huntly, who having suffered some setbacks had retreated to Strathnaver in 1645 had since then returned to his lands around Strathbogie and raised a force of 1,600 foot and 600 horse.[4]


On 14 May Huntly, with about 1,500 foot and 500 horse,[1] stormed Aberdeen and set it on fire. Montgomerie's defenders repulsed the first two assaults but were then overcome.[5] The Covenanters suffered many casualties and over 300 were taken prisoner, but there were no civilian casualties.[3][4]


Huntly did not remain in Aberdeen, but with his usual indecision he soon returned to Strathbogie.[4] A council of war declared on 8 June that Montgomerie had conducted himself in the affair "with as much prudence and gallantry as could have been expected".[6]


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