Batallón Voltígeros de la Guardia

The Voltigeurs of the Guard Battalion (Spanish: Batallón Voltígeros de la Guardia), originally formed as the Numancia Battalion (Spanish: Batallón Numancia), was a battalion of the Spanish American troops of the Spanish Army formed by Pablo Morillo[1] that joined the Patriot governments during the Spanish American wars of independence by crossing the Huaura River on December 2, 1820.

Voltigeurs of the Guard
Voltígeros de la Guardia
Painting by Bernardo O’Higgins of the Battalion switching sides under José de San Martín
CountriesSpanish Empire (1813–20)
Liberating Expedition of Peru (1820–21)
Republic of Colombia (1821–31)
Part ofSpanish Army (1813–20)
Army of the Andes (from 1820)
EngagementsSpanish American wars of independence

Once the army was formally incorporated in Huaura, it changed its name and went on to fight in the Peruvian War of Independence, most notably in the decisive Battle of Ayacucho, which consolidated the country's independence that was first declared in 1821.[2]

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