Basketball at the 1904 Summer Olympics

Basketball appeared at the 1904 Summer Olympics for the first time, as a demonstration sport. There were four different events that took place in Saint Louis, for basketball competition.

th Olympic Basketball Tournament
St. Louis 1904
Tournament details
Olympics1904 Summer Olympics
Host nationUnited States
CitySt. Louis
 Berlin 1936 →

Amateur championshipsEdit

  • Buffalo German YMCA def. Missouri AC, 97–8
  • Chicago Central YMCA def. Sawyer AB, 56–6
  • Buffalo German YMCA def. Turner Tigers, 77–6
  • Chicago Central YMCA def. Turner Tigers (Turner Tigers forfeited)
  • Buffalo German YMCA def. Xavier AA, 36–28
  • Buffalo German YMCA def. Chicago Central YMCA, 39–28
  • Chicago Central YMCA def. Missouri AC, 2–0 (Missouri AC failed to appear)

College basketballEdit

  1. Hiram College, 2–0
  2. Wheaton College, 1–1
  3. Latter-day Saints' University, 0–2