Barry Morgan (musician)

Jerome Morgan (November 1944 – 1 November 2007),[1] better known as Barry Morgan, was the drummer for Blue Mink, CCS and other bands. He was the owner of Morgan Studios.[2]

Personal life and careerEdit

Morgan was born in London, England in November 1944. He played drums on the British merchant fleet cruise ships in the early 1960s, and later for singer Tom Jones for ten years. Barry and his wife operated the Arena Theater in Houston.[3] AllMusic lists 185 credits between 1964 and 2012.[4] His son Brett Morgan also became a session drummer.[5]


As leader/co-leaderEdit

  • 1971: Bass Guitar and Percussion, Volume 1.[6] Volume 2.[7]
  • 1979: Percussion Spectrum - Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper[8]
  • 1983: Patterns In Rhythm[9]
  • Wonderin'

As sidemanEdit

With Blue Mink and C.C.S.Edit

With Gullivers People, Electric Coconut and Elton JohnEdit

With the Walker BrothersEdit

With David BowieEdit



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