Barrio Echesortu

Echesortu is a barrio (neighborhood) in Rosario, Argentina. It is unofficially known by that name even though, from the administrative point of view, its name is Remedios Escalada de San Martín . The neighborhood was formerly a town on its own, named after Ciro Echesortu, the original owner of the land; it was absorbed into the city later.

Plaza Ciro Echesortu, Paraná St. & 9 de Julio St.
Rosario Oeste Station

Echesortu is located near the geographical center of the city. Its limits are:

The major streets within the barrio are Mendoza St., Avellaneda Boulevard, and Córdoba St. (which becomes Eva Perón Avenue south of Avellaneda). Important landmarks include San Francisco Solano Church, San Miguel Church, Pestalozzi School, Plaza Buratovich, Plaza Ciro Echesortu and, opposite it, the abandoned Rosario Oeste Station of the Ferrocarril Belgrano.