Baron Braye

Baron Braye, of Eaton Bray in the County of Bedford, is a title in the Peerage of England. It was created in 1529 for Edmund Braye, 1st Baron Braye. However the family originally originate from Normandy, they are direct descendants of Chevalier Baudry de Bray who came over to England in the battle of Hastings of 1066. The barony was created by writ, which means that it can descend through both male and female lines. He was succeeded by his son, the second Baron. He died from wounds received at the Battle of St Quentin in 1557. Lord Braye was childless and on his death the title fell into abeyance between his sisters.

The arms of Lord Braye.[1]

It remained in abeyance for 282 years until the abeyance was terminated in 1839 in favour of Sarah Otway-Cave, who became the third Baroness Braye. She was the wife of Henry Otway and only daughter of Sir Thomas Cave, 6th Baronet, of Stanford, grandson of Sir Thomas Cave, 3rd Baronet, of Stanford, and his wife the Hon. Margaret Verney, daughter of John Verney, 1st Viscount Fermanagh, great-great-grandson of Hon. Elizabeth Verney, second daughter of the first Baron Braye, and her husband Sir Ralph Verney. In 1819 she assumed by Royal licence the additional surname of Cave.

When she died in 1862 the barony fell into abeyance between her four daughters. In 1879 the abeyance was terminated in favour of the last surviving daughter, Henrietta, the fourth Baroness. She was the wife of Reverend Edgell Wyatt-Edgell. She was succeeded by her fourth but eldest surviving son, the fifth Baron. In 1880 he assumed by Royal licence the surname of Verney-Cave in lieu of Wyatt-Edgell. As of 2010 the title is held by his great-granddaughter, the eighth Baroness, who succeeded her father in 1985. She is the wife of Edward Henry Lancelot Aubrey-Fletcher, fourth son of Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, 6th Baronet. They have no children. Lady Braye is heir-general of the Verney family (see the Earl Verney).

Stanford Hall

The family seat is Stanford Hall near Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

Barons Braye (1529)Edit

John Braye, 2nd Baron Braye

The heiress presumptive is the present holder's second cousin Linda Katherine Fothergill (née Browne) (b. 1930), granddaughter of the 5th Baron.
The heiress presumptive's heir is her eldest son, Nicholas Henry Fothergill (b. 1965).[2]

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