Barbu Catargiu cabinet

The cabinet of Barbu Catargiu was the first government of the United Principalities of Romania, after formal union of Wallachia with Moldavia, and lasted from 22 January to 24 June 1862. Prime Minister Barbu Catargiu was assassinated on 20 June and the government collapsed soon thereafter.


The ministers of the cabinet were as follows:[1]

  • President of the Council of Ministers:
  • Minister of the Interior:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs:
  • Minister of Finance:
  • Minister of Justice:
  • Minister of Religious Affairs:
  • Minister of War:5
  • Minister of Public Works:
  • Minister of Control:


  1. ^ Stelian Neagoe - "Istoria guvernelor României de la începuturi - 1859 până în zilele noastre - 1995" (Ed. Machiavelli, Bucharest, 1995)
Preceded by
Government of Wallachia
Government of Moldavia
Cabinet of Romania
22 January 1862 - 24 June 1862
Succeeded by
First Nicolae Crețulescu cabinet