Barbara Goff

Barbara Elizabeth Goff is a Classics Professor at the University of Reading.[1] She is well known for her contribution to the classics world in relation to her interests in Greek tragedy and its reception; women in antiquity; postcolonial classics and reception of Greek political thought.[2][3]

Barbara Goff
Academic background
Alma materUniversity of Cambridge, University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral advisorDonald Mastronarde
Academic work
InstitutionsUniversity of Reading
Notable worksCitizen Bacchae: women's ritual practice in ancient Greece


Goff undertook her undergraduate degree at King's College Cambridge. She later completed her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley on Euripides' Hippolytus supervised by Donald Mastronade, publishing the work as The Noose of Words: Readings of Desire, Violence and Language in Euripides' Hippolytus in 1990.[4]


After her first job as a Junior Research Fellow at Kings College Cambridge, Goff has worked in different institutions all over the world including the University of Texas at Austin, during which time Goff held a Solmsen Fellowship at the Institute for Humanities at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.[5][6]

Goff moved to the University of Reading first as a Reader in Classics, subsequently becoming Professor of Classics.[6][1] She leads modules focusing on ancient drama, ancient Greek language, ancient sport, and sexuality and gender in the ancient world.[1][7]

Goff's work on classical reception has led to lectures and publications on classical education and reception in west Africa,[8][9][10] including participation in the founding of the Classical Association of Ghana in 2018.[3]

Research groups and centresEdit

At the University of Reading Goff is a member of the Ancient Literature and Classical Tradition and Reception groups in the Department of Classics.[11]

Goff is a member of the Ancient and Modern Imperialisms Network, based in Reading and helps to run the Legacy of Greek Political Thought Network,[12] based in Reading, and is an executive committee member of the Classical Reception Studies Network, based at the Open University.[13]

Goff is on the international editorial boards of the Classical Receptions Journal (OUP)[14] and of Elektra (University of Patras)[15] and is on the Advisory Board of the AHRC project 'Classics and Class', based in King's College London.[16][17] She also works with the Iris Project to promote classical education.[18]



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