Barbados national rugby sevens team

Barbados (blue) playing Canada (red) at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The Barbados national rugby sevens team is a minor national sevens side. They competed at the Commonwealth Sevens in 2014. Barbados also participated in the World Series core team qualifiers at the 2014 Hong Kong Sevens.[1]

The team received some publicity in 2014, when Anthony Bayne-Charles, the son of Billy Ocean, was selected to play for them as a reserve.[2][3]

Current squadEdit

Squad to the 2014 Hong Kong Sevens World Series Qualifier.[4]

  • Shaun English
  • Marcus Harewood
  • Dominic Peters
  • Leo Donnelly
  • Adam Mings
  • Tom Lucas
  • Jae Bowen
  • Mike Phillips
  • Leon Driscoll
  • Sean Ward
  • Dwight Forde
  • Jamahl Hunte

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