Baranovsky railway station

Baranovsky railway station is railway station and railway junction of Trans-Siberian Railway and Baranovsky-Khasan railway line in the village Baranovsky, Nadezhdinsky District, Primorsky Krai, Russia.[1] It belongs to the Vladivostok branch of the Far Eastern Railway.[2]


Cтанция Барановский
Far Eastern Railway station
Railway station building
General information
LocationNadezhdinsky District
Primorsky Krai
Coordinates43°38′44″N 131°55′38″E / 43.64556°N 131.92722°E / 43.64556; 131.92722
Owned byGovernment of Russia
Operated byFar Eastern Railway
Structure typeAt-grade
Preceding station Russian Railways Following station
Ussuriysk Moscow–Vladivostok Nadezdinskaya
towards Vladivostok
Terminus Baranovsky–Khasan Olenevod
towards Khasan

This is a terminus of single track Baranovsky-Khasan railway line that connects Baranovsky to Khasan railway station (last station on Russian side). Train line continues to Tumangang Station in North Korea.

The main way of Transsib (in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok) electrified AC 25 kV (1963), the progress on the non-electrified Khasan. At the station, stop all trains and some passenger trains. Fast trains pass the station without stopping. The station receives and issue a carload freight and small shipments.

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