Baptiste Trotignon

Baptiste Trotignon (born 1974) is a French jazz pianist and composer.

Baptiste Trotignon
Born1974 (age 47–48)
Paris, France
Years active1990s–present

Life and careerEdit

Trotignon was born near Paris in 1974.[1] He started playing the violin at the age of 6 and the piano three years later.[1] His first solo piano album was 2003's Solo.[1] Trotignon composes music and plays "interpretations of music from Led Zeppelin and [Bob] Dylan to Edith Piaf".[2]

Playing styleEdit

The Daily Telegraph's Ivan Hewett wrote on the originality of Trotignon's style in 2009 that "Any references are only subliminally present in a style that's very much his own. He has certain favourite devices such as rapid-fire repetitions of single notes, and machine-gun alternations of the hands".[3]The Guardian's John Fordham, commenting on a Trotignon duo concert with percussionist Minino Garay stated that the pianist's playing contained "startling chordal exclamations, plaintively romantic lyricism and [...] a collage of liquid lines and stuttering drumlike invitations to his partner".[2]


As leader or co-leaderEdit

Year recorded Title Label Personnel/Notes
2000 Fluide Naïve Trio
2001 Sightseeing Naïve Trio
2003 Solo [fr] Naïve Solo piano
2005 Solo II [fr] Naïve Solo piano
2005 Trotignon/El-Malek Naïve Co-leader with David El Malek [fr]
2006 Flower Power Naïve Co-led with Aldo Romano
2007 Fool time Naïve Co-led with David El Malek [fr]
2009 Share [fr] Naïve Some tracks trio, with Baptiste Matt Penman (bass), Otis Brown III and Eric Harland (drums, separately); some tracks quintet, with Mark Turner (sax), Tom Harrell (flugelhorn) added
2010 Suite... [fr] Naïve Quartet, with Mark Turner (tenor sax), Jeremy Pelt (trumpet), Matt Penman (bass), Eric Harland (drums); on one track, Thomas Bramerie (bass) and Franck Agulhon (drums) replace Penman and Harland
2012 Song, Song, Song [fr] Naïve
2013 Dusk Is A Quiet Place [fr] Naïve Duo, co-led with Mark Turner
2014 Hit [fr] Naïve Trio, with Thomas Bramerie (bass), Jeff Ballard (drums)
2015 Different Spaces [fr] Naïve Piano concerto written by Trotignon, played by Nicholas Angelich with the Orchestre national Bordeaux Aquitaine, conducted by Paul Daniel (Naïve)
2016 Chimichurri Okeh Duo, co-led with Minino Garay (cajón, percussion)
2017 Ancestral Memories Okeh Co-led with Yosvany Terry [de] (saxophones, chekeré). With Yunior Terry (bass) and Jeff "Tain" Watts (drums)
2019 You've Changed Sony Classical Solo piano, duos with Joe Lovano, Avishai Cohen, Ibrahim Maalouf, Thomas de Pourquery, Vincent Ségal, and Camélia Jordana (Sony Classical)

As sidemanEdit

Year recorded Leader Title Label
1995 Jean-Luc Chevalier Hommage à Jaco Seventh Records
1998 Claudia Solal My Own Phoolosophy Soundhills
2001 Christian Brun French Songs Elabeth
2001 Pierrick Pédron Cherokee Elabeth
2002 Doudou Gouirand Les Racines Du Ciel RDC Records
2002 Moutin Reunion Quartet Power Tree Shai - Dreyfus/USA
2002 Bill Mobley & The Space Time Big Band New Light Bill Mobley & The Space Time Big Band New Light Space Time Records
2003 Jerome Barde Melodolodie Sunnyside
2003 OLH Orchestra/Geoffroy Tamisier & Kenny Wheeler G Meets K Yolk records
2003 Hervé Krief Paradis artificiels NextMusic
2003 Moutin Reunion Quartet Red Moon Nocturne
2004 Rick Margitza Bohemia Nocturne
2004 André Ceccarelli Carte blanche Dreyfus Jazz
2006 Aldo Romano Chante Dreyfus Jazz
2007 Stefano di Battista Trouble Shootin' Blue Note
2008 Jean Fauque 13 aurores
2008 Franck Agulhon Solisticks/2
2009 André Ceccarelli Sweet People (CamJazz)
2011 Aldo Romano Inner Smile
2012 Jacques Schwarz-Bart Art of Dreaming (Aztec Musique)
2013 Marc Miralta & Perico Sambeat Flamenco Reunion (Contrabaix)
2014 Mélanie Dahan Keys
2014 Minino Garay Vamos
2017 Kate Lindsey Thousands of miles


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