Banga (soup)

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Eba (Garri from Cassava) served with Fresh fish banga (Palm Kennel) soup in a clay pot
Palm oil Rice (Banga Rice) served with assorted cow meat and boiled egg

Banga, also known as Oghwo amiedi in Urhobo language and izuwo ibiedi in Isoko language, is a type of palm fruit soup from Southern the Niger Delta Nigeria particularly the Urhobo ethnic group. This cuisine is quite different from "Ofe Akwu" which is a variant found in Igbo culture. The Binis have a soup from palm fruits similar to "Ofe Aku" in ingredients and manner of preparation.

Banga soup is flavored with beletete, aidan fruit, rohojie, Banga spice leaves called Obenetietien) (scent or bitter leaves can be substituted), a stick of oburunbebe, finely chopped onion, ground crayfish, chili pepper or scotch bonnet, and salt.[1] The soup sometimes eaten with a cocoyam (taro) pudding called kwacoco. Banga Soup is mostly prepared using fresh catfish (fresh fish Banga soup) dried/smoked fish or meat.

The soup can also make a wonderfully delicious dish when made with the addition of Okra vegetable[citation needed]

Banga soup is ceremonially and most preferably eaten with a yellow thick starchy paste from cassava starch called "Usi" by the Urhobos as well as their Isoko and Okpe kinsmen. Non Urhobos prefer using eba because eating "Oghwo" with "Usi" is an indigenous craft (cutting starch with the fingers requires learning; unlike for Eba).

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