Bandinello Sauli

Bandinello Sauli (c. 1481 – 28 March 1518) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.

His Eminence

Bandinello Sauli
Cardinal Bishop of Gerace
Sebastiano del Piombo Cardinal Bandinello Sauli 1516.jpg
Painting, ca. 1512, by Sebastiano del Piombo, showing Cardinal Bandinello Sauli with his secretary and two geographers.
ChurchRoman Catholic
In office1509–1517
PredecessorJaime de Conchillos
SuccessorFrancesco Armellini Pantalassi de' Medici
Other postsCardinal–Deacon of Santa Maria in Trastevere
Created cardinal10 March 1511
by Pope Julius II
Personal details
Died29 March 1518 (age 37)
Previous postBishop of Malta (1506–1509)
Administrator of Albenga (1513–1517)


Bandinello Sauli was born in Genoa, ca. 1481, the son of nobles Pasquale Sauli and Mariola Giustiniani Longhi.[1]

Early in his career, he was a protonotary apostolic in Rome.[1] He was also an abbreviator and papal scribe until 1511.[1]

On October 5, 1506 Sauli was appointed Bishop of Malta at the age of 12. He held this position until 1509 when he was elected Bishop of Gerace and Oppido.[1] He held this post until November 19, 1517.[1]

Pope Julius II made him a cardinal deacon in the consistory of March 10, 1511.[1] He received the red hat on March 13, 1511 and the deaconry of Sant'Adriano al Foro.[1] He opted for the titular church of Santa Sabina on October 24, 1511.[1]

He participated in the papal conclave of 1513 that elected Pope Leo X.[1]

He was administrator of the see of Albenga from August 5, 1513 until November 19, 1517.[1] On July 18, 1516, he opted for the titular church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.[1]

On June 22, 1517, he was deposed as a cardinal by Pope Leo X, arrested, and placed in the Castel Sant'Angelo for his failure to disclose the assassination plot of Cardinal Alfonso Petrucci.[1] The pope restored him to the cardinalate sed non ad vocem activam et passivam on July 31, 1517, then restored him completely on December 25, 1517.[1]

Cardinal Sauli died in Monterotondo on March 29, 1518.[1] He was buried in Santa Maria in Trastevere.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Antonio Corseto
Bishop of Malta
Succeeded by
Bernardino da Bologna
Preceded by
Jaime de Conchillos
Bishop of Gerace
Succeeded by
Francesco Armellini Pantalassi de' Medici
Preceded by
Leonardo Marchesi
Administrator of Albenga
Succeeded by
Giulio de' Medici